New Fabrics and Lots of Busy-ness!

I had a field day picking on Black Friday (yes, I know, that was already weeks ago – where does the time go?) and I have more than doubled my available flannels, as well as some woven cottons and knits!  I’ll be posting pictures in my photobucket account soon – hopefully!

Custom orders have really been keeping me busy this past month.   Well, that and Christmas gifts.  We have decided this year to once again make as many gifts as possible, and to only make or buy what someone really wants or needs.  No more giving a gift just to give one!  So I’ve been very busy trying some new things – fleece blankets for the kids, a cowl for my father, fingerless knits for my mom, and socks for my husband (shh!)  We’re also giving my nephew a clutch ball and my niece and oldest son “memory” matching games made from pieces of wood that we’re putting pictures on and sealing.  Pictures to come.  There’s really something about a handmade gift to touch many people!


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