March and Global Food Initiative

We do not see many references these days to the food crisis in the news. It has been eclipsed by economic fears. But we are still not out of the woods. I call it our forgotten crisis – because it has not gone away.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in opening remarks at press conference, New York, 10 February 2009

Just a quick note to mention that this month 10% of my sales will be going to Compassion International’s “Global Food Initiative.”  Today, March 11th, is Global Food Crisis Day, and I’ve been reading and listening all day to stories from missionaries and activists about the problem of hunger. Something I didn’t realize – something I’d never even thought of – was that not only have food prices doubled and tripled here, but they’ve doubled and tripled in other countries, too; places where food was unaffordable for some to begin with.

I’ve got two young little boys, and I can’t even imagine the horror of not knowing if I’d be able to feed them.  Of listening to them cry in hunger.  My heart is breaking for the mothers in Haiti and Africa, feeding their children mud cakes or warm water, just to help fill their bellies and give them comfort.

So whenever you purchase something from my Etsy store, I’ll be giving 10% to Compassion to get food to these families.  For those of you unfamiliar with Compassion, it is a Christian organization that sets up schools and churches in many, many countries, including the US.  They are one of several reputable “sponsor a child” organizations out there.  (We’ve been sponsoring a child – though she’ll turn 18 this summer – for several years ourselves. What an honor it has been to be able to read her letters and “watch” her grow!)

The thing that makes Compassion ideal for this social issue is that they are already in the community.  They already have churches and schools and other central locations perfect for distributing food.  They can simply transfer the money to the workers already in the area, who can go immediately to buy the food for those who need it.  No collecting it overseas, shipping it to another country, going through all the bureaucratic red tape while the food rots or rusts in the harbor, just to get it to the people who need it.

Now, you don’t have to buy from me to get food to the people who need it!  And it’s not expensive at all – not to our standards.

$13 will feed one child for a month. That’s one meal for one person at a mid-level restaurant.

$156 will feed one child for a year.  That’s a week’s worth of groceries for many American families!

What about the parents?  When they don’t have to worry about finding food for their kids, their burdens are eased as well.  They also will be able to eat better, eating their portions and the children’s portions.
Donate here!

I’ll probably keep this charity as long as possible.  I’m unsure how long Compassion will continue this work.

I also realize there are some people who have qualms about Compassion, for several different reasons, very often the religious aspect of it.  To those people, I’d ask that they do one of two things:  find another organization that fulfills this same need, and/or remember a saying I read on a local marquee sign:  “Charity remembers the need, not the cause.”  This isn’t about defending one’s religious beliefs – it’s about feeding children.


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