Can you believe it’s already May?

Where did April go?  For that matter, what about March?

While I’m looking forward to the warmer summer temperatures, I can’t help but feel that time is getting away from me!  It’s been a busy couple of months – in April, we visited my family in Minnesota over Easter, got sick again, and then Thing Two went through a big growth spurt (he slept a LOT, which was nice!)
The kitchen is still unpainted after our wallpaper removal episode, though the walls are pretty much ready to go after I wash them down.  With the nice weather, we’ve been concentrating on outdoor projects instead – filling an empty flower bed, removing dead, dying and ugly shubbery, and taking down an old rotting fence.  Who can blame us?

I’ve also been quite busy on Etsy – sometimes I feel like I exchange one special order for another.  As soon as I finish one, another comes in, so it really keeps me on my toes!   I’ve gotten some challenging orders for things I don’t usually make, and it’s been good for me to expand my skills to figure out how to best create those items.

My soap bit sample packs are also being included in two more etsy seller’s packages when you order from them.

In April I introduced my Bella Luna nursing pads which were an immediate hit. It just fits so well with many of my customers!  In May, expect to see two new sizes of soap bits perfect for gift giving or stocking up!
That’s it!  Just a quick, informal update on what’s going on here!  I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying spring!


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