Reusable Mop Heads! I Can Mop Again!

A bit of thrift, a bit of work, and now I can mop again!

I love my Swiffer wet mop, but I don’t like the cleaning solution.  So for years I’d buy the disposable mop heads and use a vinegar and water solution in a spray bottle rather than deal with the Swiffer solution that left a sticky residue on my clean floors.

After we moved into our newest house a couple years ago, I gave up buying the mop heads – did you know they can cost upwards of $0.50 each?

So for the past two years, I’ve been thankful that our kitchen floors are a dark ceramic, and made do with spot cleaning and a bucket and scrub brush.  But I’ve had enough!

Some of our bath towels are getting holey, so I cut one up to fit a Swiffer duster mop we still have around the house.  A little bit of serging, and now I can mop without sore knees again!

Pretty Little Covers!

Pretty Little Covers!

Okay, so they do look pretty here, but I’ll tell you now, the towel was looking pretty bad, and was stained.  But who cares?  They’ll look like the picture below soon enough…

Washable Swiffer Mop Cover On

Washable Swiffer Mop Cover On

All you have to do is tightly wrap the mop cover over the head and push the fabric into the teethed holes on top of the mop head – just like the disposables.

It works!

It works!

Yup.  Gross.   This is just from mopping part of the floor in my studio and then mostly my son’s bedroom floor with Murphy’s Oil Soap in a spray bottle.  It worked really well, and I’m pleased.  No more stooping over!


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  1. And you can re-use them…. Win win situation. I too have a swiffer but I don’t like buying clothes for it or worse my kids leave the package open and I end up with a bunch of dry ones.

    Would there be any issues with Murphy’s Oil soap on different types of floors?


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