You may have found this blog from my etsy shop, and part of this blog’s purpose is to promote the new items I’ve listed.  I will also be posting tips I find that help us live a more sustainable, more thoughtful, and above all, a simpler life.  I really feel that life has gotten too complicated, and more than anything, I think that materialism and materialistic attitudes clog our lives with unnecessary clutter.

…My life, this blog, and my etsy shop all have one thing in common – they are about the search for beauty in simplicity, and living a thoughtful life.  Being “green,” as is so popular now in Hollywood, is not about replacing all your ceramic floors with bamboo.  It’s about living with what you have, making responsible choices while considering the effect of your choice, and choosing products that can be reused, renewed, or recycled.

Read more about my philosophy and why I do what I do here.  We’ll keep the sticky post short and sweet!


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