If You Do One Thing Today…

If you do one thing today…

Recycle your plastic bags.  Walmart has a box inside its front door where you can drop plastic bags of any brand to be recycled. Even if you are boycotting Walmart, drop by and drop your bags in.

And then….If you aren’t already using reusable bags when you shop, buy some!  They are a great investment in your sanity.  I use mine for grocery shopping, but when they aren’t full of food, they are great for so many other things!

*Put your mail to go out in them (this is especially handy if you are mailing packages and making a trip to the Post Office!)

*If you are taking a trip, they make great bags for putting blankets, food, and entertainment items in (I like to put my knitting in there.)

*Catch-alls- Grab a bag, walk around the house and pick up the toys, papers, etc.  Then make another trip around the house putting stuff back!

*Make-shift picnic basket

*Baby carrier

(Just kidding!  Don’t do that!)

*recycling bag – put magazines and paper in the bag to be brought to the curb or your local recycling center.


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