Soap Bits in the Etsy Storque Again!

So I’m probably a little slow on the uptake, but my Soap Bits were featured in the Etsy Storque newsletter again!  This time, in the June 2009 Weather Report (an update on traffic to the site and sales overall.)
Sales and special orders have been consistent enough that I’ve not had much time to put new items in the shop.  I have a pile of soon-to-be-in-stock pads on my sewing table, waiting for the final seam and snaps!  It didn’t help that G decided that naps are not for him, despite the fact he is crankier than an ant in a hornet’s nest when he doesn’t get one, but we’re working through that and eventually I imagine things will slow down enough to get more in the shop and get ready for Christmas season in a couple months.
I’ve repackaged my soap bits into some wonderful, phtalate-free jars.  There are three sizes, a large sized soap bits container with 70 bits, and a 35 count and 15 count.  I’m waiting on the labels for the two smallest sizes, but once they are ready, you’ll see them in my shop!  I’ll also be offering a sampler with six 15-count jars in your choice of scents.  This is so exciting to me, because having the more professional-looking jars has allowed me to offer my products wholesale to bricks & mortar stores, like this baby store in Canada.


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