If You Do One Thing Today – Visit a Farmer’s Market

If you do one thing today…

Visit your local farmer’s market, produce stand, or flea market.  You’ll be supporting locals and buying fresh, yummy produce and foodstuffs all at once!

We have a lot of Amish and Yankee gardeners in our area, and during this time of year, there are always produce stands on the side of the road.  Some of them are big productions – the owner is actually a farmer, and might get veggies from several gardeners as well.  Others are just a wooden, handpainted sign – “Brown Eggs” – and a request to take a dozen eggs from the cooler by the mailbox and leave the money in a small box nearby.

Farmer's Markets are great places to get local food.

Mmm, fresh fruit!

We also have a great flea market that offers not only locally grown produce, but many fair-trade and organically grown foods from around the world.

And our farmer’s market in Chardon is still growing, but you can find local honey (great for seasonal allergies!) and homebaked breads and cookies!

When you buy locally, you keep your money in the hands of your neighbors.  You also use fewer resources getting the products to you.  The half-pint of honey I bought from a local beekeeper at the farmer’s market was driven in with all the other products from a couple miles down the road, not all the way across the country.  The $5 I spent to buy it will be used by a family who lives just a few miles from me!


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