Buy Nothing Week 1 – Introduction

Since we are hopefully moving soon and our pantry is getting rather full, my husband and I have decided it’s time for a “Buy Nothing” week.  It’s not a new concept – in fact, many bloggers have done it in an effort to either clean out their pantries, make savings goals, or just to show it can be done.  There’s even a “Buy Nothing Day” and “Buy Nothing Christmas!”
It’s not new to us, either.  Rather than spending our grocery money on more food, we get creative and we eat out of the pantry.  We save the grocery money we would have spent for our savings account or for our bulk grocery purchases down the road.

So it’s time to do it again.  We need to eat the food canned last fall before this year’s harvest.  We have a lot of odds and ends in our freezer, as well as a lot of meat from the hind quarter we bought this spring. And the pantry has plenty of canned and prepared foods to be eaten.

I encourage you all, my readers, to join me in this.  It’s a great way to clean out the mismash of things that get put in our cupboards and never eaten, and to save some money for a goal!
There are some rules (though you can always make up your own!):

1. Only necessities may be purchased.  We have two young sons, so we keep basics like fresh fruits, milk, and oatmeal in the house.  That won’t change with the “buy nothing” plan.

2. No buying junk food, prepackaged food, freezer food, unless it complies with rule #1.

3. Food gotten free (from couponing, sales, samples, etc.) is always allowed.

4. Grocery savings must be put toward a specific goal.   In our case, we’ll be putting the money toward future large purchases.  Once we’ve moved, we’ll need to find a butcher and buy our beef and chicken, and that usually runs about $300 for 6-8 months worth of meat.  We also will be running out of some of the items we buy at Sam’s Club in bulk, so we’ll need some cash to restock those.

5.  This is the big one:  NO stocking up ahead of time allowed! The whole point of this exercise is to use up the foods we normally would overlook in favor of our usual foods and recipes.  It’s also to use up things we have an abundance of – we have a lot of peanut butter, and since we aren’t buying any snacks, we’ll make peanut butter bars and cookies.

This is a pretty arbitrary thing – I plan on buying a used spinning wheel tomorrow night, and I’ve got my eye out for inexpensive summer clothing in 12 month size for my fast-growing youngest, especially since summer is longer down in Nashville, where we are moving in the next few months.  Once I go through my boxes of clothing, I’ll be able to tell if I’ll need the same size in winter clothing (and I’m guessing I will since my oldest wore 12 month sizes during a southern summer, too!)

I’m not going to be recording specific amounts here most of the time.  I just don’t have the time or the inclination to write everything down!  But I’ll post updates about how we are doing!


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