If You Do One Thing…Donate Your Clothing

If you do one thing…

Today I want you to go through your closet and dresser drawers and pull out anything you haven’t worn in the last year, or that you don’t think you’ll wear again.  Pull out anything that doesn’t fit you right or is stained, and take out anything that is missing buttons or snaps, or has tears.

Make two piles:  Give away and mend.

Anything you won’t wear, or that has permanent stains or irreprable tears, give away.  (Please double check that your charity shop will take damaged clothing! Larger chains like the Salvation Army will take ruined clothing to be recycled.  Smaller shops may only want clothing that is suitable for resale.

Take 15 minutes each day and sit down with your mending pile.  Sew on buttons (button sewing tutorial here!), mend tears and do other necessary repairs.

In the future, set damaged clothing aside in a basket or drawer, and take time each week to mend clothing so that clothes remain wearable!


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