Moving Sale!

I meant to get pictures, but I competely forgot.  The last week has been really busy getting ready to get rid of all our clutter.  I’ve gone through every closet, drawer, and under every bed (nothing there anyway) and pulled out everything that I didn’t want to take with me to Nashville.  We didn’t have much, since I did this already once before, when we initially were getting the house ready to put on the market.

My husband, B, decided we were going to have a moving sale.  We have a couple big pieces of furniture and some big saws to get rid of, and my husband has been working with another couple from church that needed to declutter or they’d get kicked out of their apartment.  (Yes, it was bad.)  So they and another couple from our church joined us, and we had enough to make a decent sale!

I can’t say I made a lot of money.  And we have a lot left (the first couple I mentioned is taking it all to the city garage sale at the Legion next weekend.) But boy, it feels good to have gotten rid of all that!  Now we can see what we have, and tonight, my husband is cleaning up and rewiring a pair of beautiful marble tablelamps we got at the flea market years ago.  My nightstand lamp broke several weeks ago, and I’m excited to have a “new” one!

My studio has also been cleared of older products from when I did craft fairs – there are certain people that will be very clean from now on, based on how much soap they bought!

I did, however, end up with one thing – someone (maybe us?) put a box of cupboard door safety latches in the sale.  I snatched them up.  E is in everything lately.


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  1. Posted by katie on August 9, 2009 at 10:43 am

    i just moved in with my partner and his family, and after giving away bags of stuff and throwing out more bags of stuff that just couldn’t be salvedged i’m still faced with boxes of … stuff. i’m trying to convince him to have a yard sale with me.


    • It’s amazing how quickly it adds up, doesn’t it? Especially when you are consolidating households! Good luck, and I hope he gives in!


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