Doctor’s Appointment Today

I went to  the doctor (actually, an occupational therapist) today and found out that it will probably require surgery to fix my left hand – she wasn’t completely sure what was wrong, but gave me the number of a hand surgeon who could take x-rays and an MRI.

I’ve had a tendon on my left ring finger that seems to catch when I try to close my hand completely.  It catches and then pops shut when I force it – almost like trigger finger in reverse.  The pinky and ring fingers are also weaker than the same on my other hand.  It’s recently started to be slightly painful, and while bearable, I don’t want it to get worse without medical advice.  But I’ll be waiting on calling the surgeon until we have better insurance!  Until then, I’ve been given two giant gobs of what appears to be Silly Putty ™ to work with my hand to try to strengthen it.
Praise God that it’s on my left hand, and I’m right handed.  I’ve had this problem for years -maybe since birth – but always regarded it as a pecularity all my own. So it could be a lot worse! I’m also extremely double jointed and I wonder if that has anything to do with it.
I’ve googled with no luck.  Has anyone heard of anything like this before?


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