If You Do One Thing…Online Bill Paying

If you do one thing today, start paying your bills online and opt for paperless statements.
Paperless statements usually go to your email account, so you can easily save the emails or save the document in a folder on your computer – less filing for you and less paper for the landfill!

We started paying our bills online two years ago and it’s so much easier!  The hardest part is at the beginning – we had to imput our account numbers, and the addresses and phone numbers of each creditor as we went to pay each bill. (Not too hard, eh?)

Online bill pay with your bank website, if you aren’t already doing it, has advantages from every angle:

Financially: Bill reminders and electronic transfers mean it’s hard to miss a due date.   Your bank statement is in front of you online and updates as you pay, so it’s hard to “bounce” a payment.  Both save you money – in late fees and in returned check fees!  Oh, and of course, no stamp! (If the bank has to mail a payment to a recipient without online payment set up, the bank covers the stamp.)

Emotionally: Easy enough to say, knowing in a glance that you are up to date on your payments relieves the emotional toll the stress of finances.

Environmentally: No stamp, no envelopes, no paper bills.  Enough said!

Extra challenge!

Cancel the catalogs and mailings you don’t look at by calling the customer service number on the enclosed order form, and reduce the trash you throw out!


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