Murphy’s Law

This past weekend was an exercise in the everenduring Murphy’s Law – if it can go wrong, it will!

Our cat disappeared sometime Saturday afternoon and I started having flashbacks to when we lost a cat to a car last year.  Mostly because I found myself looking out every window I passed by, hoping for a glimpse of white and black.  He goes out during the day, but comes in at night.

Just about the time I finally broke down on Sunday in despair, realizing that he was probably dead, I happened to glance out several windows on my way downstairs to get something (it becomes a habit!) and there he was!  Smelling like diesel fuel, filthy, and with several scratches on his nose, but alive!

Sunday morning G, my three-and-a-half year old, decided to do an exercise called “See what it takes to drive Mama crazy.”  This was not only an effort made during the time it took to get ready for church in the morning, but during the service,  which would normally have dismissed the kids to Sunday School, but because a group of missionaries had come back from Mexico, kept the kids a little longer.

All that was topped off by a friend of ours  fainting at the end of the missionary’s talk, as she came back in the sanctuary.   One of the best things about living semi-rurally is that the ambulances are fast! She was fine – she had gotten too much sun on Saturday and collapsed from being over-dehydrated and will be released from the hospital today.  Thank goodness it wasn’t anything too serious!

I certainly wasn’t very green this weekend – unless you count the fact that I can drive a lot farther in my car now on one tank of gas.  We drove back and forth to the hospital and the church, collecting cars and people (we drive to church separately, as my husband is the music pastor and has to be there 3 hours early.)  Not to mention the lunch at the take-out pizza place on Saturday and McDonald’s on Sunday (ugh – too much junk!)  This week, I will be focusing on serving more fruits and vegetables, driving less, and starting to pack up the house.

Hmm…looks like bad things do happen in threes…


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