You know it’s going to be a long day when…

You know it’s going to be a long day when…

The buyer who put a verbal offer in on your house comes back for a second showing and finds your brand new roof is leaking…on your sewing machine.

Thankfully, it was a spare, it was in the box, and the box is waterproofed.  And it could have been a lot worse if he hadn’t found it.  And the roof is under warranty.


So we have a verbal offer, probably in writing later today!  If we accept this offer, we’ll be closing at the end of September, which isn’t much time considering we have out-of-town family coming in a week from today for E’s first birthday party, his dedication at church on the 13th, and somewhere in there we need to get ourselves to Nashville and find a new house to live in.   Whew!

And the best part is that tomorrow we have another second showing, as well as a first showing tonight.  We’re going to have a bidding war! LOL


I admit, lately being green has flown out the window for the most part.  We are still recycling, though I went to throw some paper away and found that my husband has absconded with the paper recycling bag, and he’s professed a dislike for it (we have to haul it to the township bins) and announced he will now be lazy.  He did keep the metal bins; we’re giving the metal to a friend trying to raise some money by selling scrap.

In addition to that, it seems that buyers like to look at houses during the dinner hours, the lunch hours, and nap times.  So we’ve been eating out.  A lot.  Both B, my husband, and I agree – our stomachs are not used to eating out anymore, and our diet is sorely lacking in vegetables right now.  I’ve tried to cook more vegetables and fewer breads and meats when we are home to make up for it.  (And it probably doesn’t help that the local pizza chain is selling $4 large pizzas – they told my husband that they are trying to put all the local Dominos out of business!)  $4 to feed my family a meal is a great deal!

Not only that, but cleaning constantly, trying to keep the laundry from piling up on the basement floor, and always having to leave has made it hard to get much done.  So I apologize to anyone who has been to my shop and not found what they were looking for! 🙂


So help me out, please!  Give me some motivation!  Tips for greener moving?


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  1. Oh no, that’s just awful that the roof was leaking. Thank goodness for warranties! It positively rains in the kitchen here.
    Moving was a nightmare for us. Absolute nightmare. All the cardboard was heartbreaking, and all the harsh cleaners were enough to make me nutty.
    In retrospect, I’d have greened it up by asking stores for their pre-broken down boxes to use, and also make a point of purging. When you go to pack each room, set aside a box (reusable or otherwise) for things to donate to a charity, things to recycle, and things that you need to get rid of. The less poundage you are moving, the less fuel you will consume in moving it. When you donate old clothes or odds and ends to something like Goodwill or the Salvation Army, people will reuse them, so that’s greener than tossing them out.
    Also, you will eat out less if you pack your kitchen last, and unpack it first. This includes on and off the truck. When you eat out there is so much packaging waste, so you want to avoid that.
    Good luck!


    • Those are some great ideas! I’m not looking forward to moving – as it turns out, it’s going to be a whole lot more complicated than we originally anticipated, but a great chance to make our house as green as possible (More on that in a later post!)


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