Cloth Pad Starter Set Giveaway!

I’ve put in the numbers at, and the winner is:

Number 10!

Stephanie Hanes

Comment: I would LOVE to try these after Baby #2 arrives in October!

Congratulations Stephanie!  I’ve emailed you with more details.  Thank you to everyone who entered!


If you’ve ever wanted to try cloth pads, here’s your chance!  This week, I’ll be giving away a Cloth Pad Starter Set Custom slot, which contains:

4 liners (your choice of regular pantyliner or thong liner)
2 medium flow menstrual pads
2 heavy flow menstrual pads
1 overnight menstrual pad

A $65 value!


If you are the winner, you have your choice of fabrics from my available fabrics (woven cottons are not suitable for the pantyliners, but any fabric can be used for the menstrual pads) or I can choose a random set of different fabrics for you!

The only stipulation I have is that I will take pictures of your custom order to use in my shop with other starter sets.  Because it is a custom set, if you win, please allow up to two weeks for me to make it and ship it.

If you are interested in your own custom set, but don’t want to wait, I’ll be selling them in my shop for $60 – I welcome preorders!

To enter, please comment below with your email or web address.  The giveaway will close on Friday, September 11th at midnight, and I will use to choose the winner shortly after that.


Thanks for playing!


30 responses to this post.

  1. Would love to try cloth pads!


  2. I’d love to try cloth pads!! I tried one brand before but wasn’t into those.


  3. Your work is so beautiful, so of course I would LOVE to enter this giveaway. Mongoosine is rapidly approaching the part of puberty where they “always” try to convince girls that their bodies are dirty and that menstruation is unclean, and so I’ve been actively exposing her to cloth solutions as her first exposure to the idea of pads so that she will have a healthier attitude. Yes, this is not just saying “Ooh, count me in,” but I figured I should go into a little detail on why I’m entering, beyond the obvious, I’m female and they’d be useful, lol!


    • I think that’s a wonderful reason, and thanks for sharing it with us! I remember those days in late elementary school, and I think it’s so important that we be comfortable with how we were made!


  4. I am intrigued by cloth pads.


  5. What a great way to go green AND have more pretty things to wear. 🙂


  6. Oh, i’d love to try them! I’ve been wanting to change to cloth when pp af returns!


  7. Posted by Jessie on September 7, 2009 at 12:25 am

    I’m so exited! I hope I win 🙂 I’ve been wanting cloth pads forever!!


  8. I would love the opportunity to try something like this. I was thinking about trying cloth pads and been a little intimidated by them.

    nicolemarr at shaw dot ca


  9. Posted by sagepixie on September 7, 2009 at 2:26 am

    So pretty and fun!


  10. I would LOVE to try these after Baby #2 arrives in October!


  11. I love your cloth panty liners, would love to try the others!!!


  12. Wow, what an awesome giveaway!

    I’ve made a few cloth pads in the past, but yours are so lovely!!


  13. These are super cute and I’d love to try them and probably slip in a reveiw on my site if that’s OK!
    emi {at} theclothdiaperreport {dot} com.


  14. Posted by Leia on September 9, 2009 at 11:15 am

    These are gorgeous; I would love to try them. ❤


  15. I was looking for your soap bits and stumbled upon your giveaway….yippee! I would love to be entered, handmade things are always the best and I’ve never tried cloth pads before. Thanks for the opportunity!


  16. Posted by razberiswrl on September 10, 2009 at 9:21 pm

    My buddy above, Claudine, linked your giveaway today (we were even talking about this recently, lol, remember?) so I just had to come enter. I even wrote a brief blog post about green menstrual items here:

    Now I have to go find out what soap bits are … 🙂


  17. Posted by Emily on September 11, 2009 at 6:58 pm

    These look fantastic! What a great way to save some money on something most of us need and use frequently!


  18. Posted by Jamie on September 11, 2009 at 6:59 pm

    Did cloth dipes, would like to try cloth pads!


  19. I’d love to try these! I love all your fabric choices.


  20. Posted by Lisa on September 11, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    Sounds interesting, would love to try.


  21. Posted by heather on September 11, 2009 at 11:30 pm

    Would like to enter your givaway for “green” pads! Thanks!


  22. Hi there. I’ve got a question about the cloth pads. I have a bunch of them (I love them), but I find that even with the snaps, they slide all over the place if I’m wearing a skirt/dress instead of pants (and when I say slide, I mean that sometimes they slide all the way up my backside, sometimes they slide so the edge is flush with the front edge of my panties, and other times they turn over so the snap is facing me instead of the ground). What can I do to fix this problem, since it’s making it impossible to wear them when I have on a skirt/dress.


    • Wow! They sound very mobile! Are these my pads or other brands or both? I’ll give an answer here, but this wordpress theme doesn’t allow me to reply more than once, so I’ll give you my email here, too, if you want more details or have more questions: cmarie_14 at yahoo. 🙂 (Gotta fix that!)

      It sounds to me like the wings and snaps are not holding it in place well enough. When you are wearing pants, the pants are probably tight enough in the crotch to hold the pad in place.

      It will really depend on the underwear you are wearing, too – if you are wearing a thong, the crotch is thinner than standard panties, and the snaps need to be set to snap more tightly.

      To fix it yourself, take a washable marker and wrap the pad around a pair of your underwear, but don’t snap it. You want the pad to fit snugly around the crotch of your underwear without bunching the fabric of the underwear. Mark where the top snap lands with the marker.

      You can buy metal pearl snaps at most craft stores or from this seller on etsy: They can go on pretty easily with a spool of thread and a hammer.

      Or, you can see if the maker of your pads would put snaps on to match your markings!

      Also, it could be a matter of fit – there are certain well known brands of pads I simply can’t wear – they just don’t fit me right. (Actually, now that I think about it, it’s likely the snap fit issue…) It may be that the pads you have just don’t fit your body shape well.

      Please email me if you don’t think that would solve your problem! I’d love to hear if this works for you, or what you figure out! 🙂


  23. Those are really great suggestions and reasons for why this is going on. Thanks! I got them from, though admittedly I have no idea who runs that company or whatever. I just know they have cute patterns. 🙂

    They’re generally pretty good w/ the boy short type panties (though also, I mostly wear jeans and rarely ever have periods so it’s a problem I just recently noticed) and I’ve never worn the pads w/ a thong. It seems like it’s mostly a problem with the lacy, regular sort of panties. I don’t really know the names for different kinds of panties, so I might be kind of non-specific here (link to kind of how they look: except not the same brand and all lace).

    I’ll definitely look into the snaps. It makes sense that a simple adjustment in the snaps would make them fit a little better. I think even w/ my meager sewing skills I should be able to handle that repair. Thank you so much!

    And by the way, what’s the link for where you sell them? Is it an etsy store?


    • (I figured out how to reply, lol.)

      Oh, yes, she does have really cute patterns. She has a few fabrics I’ve been trying to get ahold of myself!

      I took a look at the specifications for her pads: her “normal” sized menstrual pads measure 3 inches across. Most of the menstrual pads I’ve seen measure about 2 1/2 inches across. But some people do prefer them wider! Also, the fleece she uses on the back can also be slippery, especially with slipperier, softer cotton like those cute underwear you linked! That might be why you are running into these problems with skirts. If you order from her again – she has a skinny option that reduces the width by 1/2″, which might be just right for you! 🙂 But adjusting the snaps is pretty simple, and you’ll be able to adjust them depending on the underwear – boyshorts or lacy panties. 😛

      My shop is on etsy, yes. It’s looking pretty meager right now as I gear up and pack up for a move next week. It’s


  24. Beautiful – I’m bookmarking your shop, thanks!

    I think when I bought the full-sized pads, I did get them w/ the skinny option. At least that’s what I remember doing. I’ve actually never used them though – just the panty liner ones have gotten used (I haven’t had a period in like, 5 years so aside from occasional spotting… wait, this is TMI, isn’t it?). It makes sense with the fleece being kind of slippery though.

    Good luck w/ the move, and with your new place!


  25. And woah, seriously. That’s what you call meager? I think my store has like, 3 things in it and that’s it. Lol.


    • LOL, now you must share your shop. 😛 (I’m just kidding, you don’t have to.)

      And don’t worry about TMI – my business is all about dirty cloth diapers and menstrual pads, lol. Very little bothers me!

      Hmm, as far as the “skinny” versus “normal,” maybe you need an even narrower one? 🙂 Good luck, I hope it works out, and thanks for your well-wishes for my move!


  26. Oh, wow. I just actually had to look up my own store to figure out what it was. And apparently my sugar scrubs expired, so I’ll need to relist them. Anyway, here’s the (now empty) shop:

    And thanks again for all the advice w/ the pads!


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