I have not forgotten!

I have not forgotten about this blog!  And I’m not dead.   Just really, really busy.  Who knew that packing would take so much time with two little ones helping?  We can’t leave any box open on the floor or we’re playing “treasure hunt” to find the contents!

We are still waiting to hear back from the bank about the house we want.  Apparently they were about to accept our offer when two other offers came in for the same amount – which set us back two weeks, as the bank sent out notices for the best bids since it was a multiple offer situation.  Our offer has not been rejected yet, so that’s good news.  The bank will close the opportunity for others to offer tomorrow.  I am confident that we will get this house.  I do believe it was intended for us.  A strange statement, but true.

But until then, we are left in limbo.  WeeEssentials will most likely be moving to Minnesota until the house in Tenessee is open to us.  My parents have generously offered to take us in for a couple weeks!  (And even put up with me setting up my sewing!)
So if I go missing for a while, that’s why.  Life is just too hectic right now to do everything – I have to prioritize, and I love the blog, but it’s just not as important as other things. 🙂


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