Arrival in Minnesota and some tips for buying nothing while moving

Well, we’re here.  Packed up, loaded the truck, moved to my parents’ house in Minnesota, and now we…wait.

Our closing in Tennessee is supposed to be on the 28th.  As we get closer, I’m doubting it will happen on time.  The seller, US Bank, disclosed to us that there was a title issue with part of the property – a previous owner had sold a tract of land to the neighbor, who promptly built a pool on it.  The previous owner never told his mortgage company, so when he was foreclosed on, the land reverted to the bank with the rest of the property.  Obviously, we’d like to get it cleared up as much as the next person!  But now the bank is trying to tell us that they aren’t going to rectify it – basically, that they’ll sell us everything and then it’s our problem.

Now, obviously, that’s not legal, and we’ve consulted with a real estate attorney who said the same.  So we’re waiting for the bank’s response!

Anyway – the move cost us only the price of the truck and a few minor supplies like packing tape.  Here’s some of our tricks to get moving on the cheap:

1. We got newspaper to pack in from the local newspaper.  They always give out their extra back issues, so if you ever need newspapers, check your local newspaper office!

2. The first half of our moving boxes came from  Then my husband went to the local hardware stores – they are one of the few (in our area, at least) that haven’t switched over to reusable boxes.  Small grocery stores, especially locally owned stores, don’t have distributors that will break up cases, so the stores have to order an entire box of any given product.  They’d be good for boxes, too.

3. The moving company wanted $8 a moving blanket!  We could keep them, but what would we do with a dozen expensive moving blankets?  Freecycle provided a garbage bag full, and church rummage sales provided the rest at about $1 each.  They’re ragged, but they will serve the purpose well, and they will also be our new curtains until we can get settled!


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  1. Posted by Karin L. on October 15, 2009 at 5:34 pm

    Welcome back to Minnesota!


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