If you do one thing today…Compost!

Reduce the waste going out of your house.  Compost any foods that do not contain meat or lots of dairy!  It’s easy to do, and doesn’t smell like you think it will.

We kept an old cat litter bucket under our kitchen sink, and food waste was scraped right in.  Sometimes I even added my undyed, 100% cotton fabric scraps! When it got full, it was easy enough to grab the handle and carry it outside to our compost pile.  We kept pests away by digging a circular trench and setting in chicken wire to about four feet high in the circle, tying the ends of the wire together to close it.  We had raccoons and deer, groundhogs and chipmunks, and we never saw any food disappear from within the compost circle.  It must have driven them crazy!

It’s not hard at all, and if we had been dedicated to making decent compost, we would have had some wonderful stuff quickly!  But as it was, we avoided throwing quite a bit of food waste in the trash, where it would go to a landfill and possibly never decompose because of the plastic bag!

So find a corner of your property and start!  A normal sized family will not create a large pile; in fact, if you have landscaping or a garden, you can till the food waste directly into the soil.  If you are concerned about pests, create a wire cage like we did, or invest in a compost bin (you can even get under-sink ones if you have an apartment!)  Feed your garden, your trees, your annuals, and your houseplants with the richest fertilizer God made!


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