Baby, it’s cold outside!

Okay, so this may be a little late in coming, because today – right now – it’s 46 degrees outside.

The last time I remember warmth of this quality was back in December, so I’m pretty excited. It’s an indication that spring is on its way – and that idea is solidified by the fact that the long-term forecast doesn’t show the highs dipping into the 30s again in the near future.

(I know all of you from up north are laughing at me, since Nashville hardly qualifies as having frigid weather.  I grew up in Minnesota and most recently lived in Northeast Ohio, so usually I’d laugh, too, at what I’m saying.  But let me tell you something – electric heat is nowhere as cozy and warm feeling as oil or natural gas!)

Anyway, one of the things I learned in Minnesota is to layer, and it’s something I’d like to remind you to do today.  If you can stay warmer by wearing the right clothing, you can turn down the heat, thus saving on electricity, as well as the resources needed to produce that electricity.  Another tip that’s good for the world and your wallet, right?

So I was reminded to layer, which I’ve stopped doing mostly because I had separated my maternity wardrobe from my regular wardrobe in my mind.  Once I realized I do still fit into most of my regular, pre-pregnancy undershirts, I took to wearing them under whatever shirt I planned for that day, just like men commonly do (except mine are prettier.)

Since I’ve been doing this, the extra layer keeps me significantly warmer even when the house feels cool.  And it feels cool a lot – we just discovered a hole the size of a TV cable going all the way through an outside wall!  (This is not the first time we’ve discovered large holes in this house.) We plug the holes as we find them, but between electric heat and a drafty old house, it’s no wonder it’s had high electricity bills!

See that beautiful sunlight?

This one was at eye level and I only noticed it because it was sunny outside and there really shouldn’t be flashes of sunlight catching your eye through a solid wall.  And I have to laugh at it all – who puts a hole in the house to fit a TV cable at eye level in a dining room?  And then who doesn’t fill it in when they take the cable out? Until today, we thought the hole was confined to the plate, but it goes right through!

Hmm…maybe I should just give the previous owner the benefit of the doubt…after all, who doesn’t enjoy a little tv while you eat a family meal?

Anyway, back to the undershirt.  The undershirt keeps me warmer, and it also means that I often can wear my outer shirt again.  Perspiration and other body odors don’t usually soak past the inner layer, meaning that as long as you don’t spill something or get chocolate drool on your hem from the kids, you can stick it back in the closet and wear it one more day.  It’s not necessarily less laundry, but it is a lot less wear and tear on your best – and most expensive – clothing.  And since it keeps you warmer, you can turn your heat down as well.

So if it’s still cold where you live, layer up.  If it’s not cold – you lucky ducks!


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Anie on February 23, 2010 at 3:25 am

    I always layer during cold weather. I have learned to keep my feet toasty and my head warm. I makes all the difference.


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