Fall Already?

So have you noticed the date?  Tomorrow’s date?  The first day of fall.  How can that be?  Despite above-100 degree temperatures all summer, I’m still amazed at how fast this season went.

And on it goes.

So I had a lot of goals for new product lines this summer, and only one came to fruition, and that only in a special order.  Business has picked up and many times I overestimated how much time my children and my husband would allow me.  Finally, my husband’s job has stabilized (no more schedule changes just as we figure out what days I can work!) and Thing One started preschool.  On the other hand, Thing Two turned two earlier this month and he’s truly acting like a Dr. Suess character.

Some of my recent facebook updates:

“I’m sitting in the living room and I hear this in the kitchen: “No, no no no no! Get your diaper back on! Get your diaper back on and get off the counter!”

“Well, we know that Baby Girl isn’t allergic to any of the ingredients in Goldfish Crackers…sweet little crazy Thing Two thought he was helping me. Scary!”

“So…two days ago Thing Two used daddy’s hair gel as lotion. Yesterday he used our windowsill as his canvas and a ballpoint pen as his paint. Today…nothing. Thank goodness for bulldozers working on the neighbor’s driveway!”

This doesn’t include the pictorial update where he threw a ballpoint pen up on the electric range behind the frying pan while I was cooking – I didn’t see it, but I sure wondered why the eggs smelled like ozone!


Some new stuff with WeeEssentials – I have two wonderful ladies who will be joining me soon in sewing parts of  my pads.  That will help me focus on getting everything else done in a more timely manner!  Most of their pads will be available on my off-Etsy site, WeeEssentials.com (please don’t purchase anything there yet!  The shopping cart is acting up!)  My Etsy site will be mostly devoted to customs, diapering accessories and soap bits, but I will be carrying in-stock items there, too.

And FINALLY!  Don’t forget that when you purchase $50 or more on my Etsy site by MIDNIGHT (CST) on September 30th, 2010, shipping is free!  This applies to custom orders placed in that time period as well!


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