Just over four years ago, I discovered cloth.  We were broke with an 18 month old, and I was trying to save money.  It wasn’t too long after that, I discovered cloth menstrual pads and nursing pads.  But if you had told me four years ago that most of the disposable paper products in my life would be gone I would have looked at you sideways!  And here I am, not only using them, but selling them!

Set of 4 Light Flow Pads by Wee Essentials

Set of 4 Light Flow Pads by Wee Essentials

I get to talk to a lot of people about my business.  When people ask what I do, the reaction is pretty fascinating when I say, “I make reusable menstrual pads!”  Most of the time, women (and men, too) listen enthusiastically and ask me lots of questions.

It’s a little disarming when it’s the men asking these questions.

Regardless of their gender, I explain flows, absorbency levels, comfort, and – most often – how I wash my pads.  Washing them has a particular level of intrigue.

Occasionally, though, I run into people, who, for one reason or another find the idea of mama cloth fantastically gross.  Often, these women are not comfortable with their bodies or their flow, or don’t have any problem putting poop or vomit or greasy clothes in their washer, but don’t understand how something with blood could ever get clean.  I don’t mean it to sound like I’m criticizing them; these are genuine arguments I heard from two women from my mom’s group.

Obviously, these women were not ready to switch, and not really even ready to try cloth.  And that’s okay.  We win them over one-by-one!  But it got me thinking again about the different arguments people have against cloth, and how to respond to those anti-cloth arguments. I know if I could get them to try cloth, they would switch!  After all, someone convinced me, and look where I am now!


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  1. Posted by karen on December 13, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    I love this post!! I,too, use clothpads, unpaper towels, cloth diapers and yes family cloth as well. I never thought I would use cloth pads but I am soglad Iwas open minded. I would never switch back. I get upset when women shoot me down before they give it a chance. I had one Mom tell me that it is too much washing for cloth diapers, yet she washed bottles for the baby. How is washing diapers and bottles different. If you bottle feed it is something you have to do. My point is we don’t bat an eye to do the excepted and expected chores. We all are a little afraid of the unknown but trying os believing. Once you try it, most people love it.
    I had no idea you made cloth pads. I think that ia great. I only wish I was as talented.


  2. Posted by Jenn B. on December 13, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    We’re another crunchy family 🙂 I stumbled upon mama cloth while building my cloth diaper/wipe stash. I dove right in and my first experience with it was during my PP period. My family was skeptical and my mom told me that not only would I not last cloth diapering my son, but I wouldn’t be able to stomach doing mama cloth for all the nastiness that comes after having a baby. 6 months later, my son is still a chubby little cloth butt and I can’t even begin to tell you how much more comfortable and human I felt using mama cloth after having him. Not to mention how much LESS gross it is. I try to convince all my women friends!


  3. I consider myself pretty squeamish (I actually became vegetarian because I couldn’t stomach the thought of handling raw meat), but I switched to cloth earlier this year. I have a container that I soak the used pads in until they go to the wash. I still don’t like the smell of blood, but it’s worth it knowing that I’m cutting out that much non-biodegradable plastic waste. Cloth diapers I’m not sure I could handle — good thing, since I’m not having kids!


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