Driving my Porsche to Happiness

What makes you happy?  I mean, truly, honest-to-goodness, head-over-heels happy?

Is it your house?  How about your iPad or your new Mac notebook?  Your smartphone?  What about your car?  Does your fashionable clothing make you that happy?

What about that new cereal?  The one with the ad on tv showing children in a bright kitchen and big smiles on their faces?  Do you find this happiness in buying the right antacid?

Am I getting silly?  But really, how often do we fall for advertising’s goal – that to be truly happy, we only have to have their product?  And yes, even antacids are included in that group of ads.

I read a quote in a back issue of Mother Earth News today – I don’t remember the exact quote now, but it basically said – “Does anyone’s luxury car ever create true happiness?”

Hmm.  We’ve been inundated with commercials that try to persuade us to believe that if we can just live up to the standards of the rich, we will be truly happy.  But those commercials end up making us profoundly unhappy – because we can’t live up to those standards and we think happiness is lost.  And – please speak up if I’m wrong -but  I don’t think there are very many people who found true happiness and contentment once they got that car – or house, or iPad.

Don’t get me wrong; those things are fun and great if you can afford them without debt (making yourself even more stressed and unhappy.)  They do bring on some happiness and joy, especially when you first get them.

But true happiness is found in the things you can’t buy.  Oh, that’s so cliche, but true.  I find great happiness in my children and the little things they do – things that are gone in a moment.  I think I find more happiness in a good meal or a nice bar of chocolate than my 2009 Chevy we bought new.  I find more joy in knitting a beautiful sweater than buying the newest haute couture  style off the rack.  I’m sure you all know what I am talking about!

After my last post, I’ve continued to declutter my house.  There is something so liberating about getting rid of the stuff  and finding the things I really enjoy – they don’t bring me that true happiness, but having a house full of only things I love will, I think, because I can spend my time enjoying the things I have rather than trying to find them!

Do we really need all the stuff?  Will we really find the El Dorado we are looking for in the newest gadget? Tell me here what brings you the most happiness!


One response to this post.

  1. True Happiness comes from helping others. Having a purpose in this world and being needed by others.


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