I’m not too fond of “About Me” pages – oh, I think they are interesting to read, and supremely important because a person wants to know the background of a blogger – but how do you sum up who you are and what is significant about you in just a few paragraphs without sounding cliche and trite?

Oh, well…here I go:

I am a mother to two young boys – my oldest, G, was born in March ’06, and my youngest, E, was born in September of ’08. They keep me very busy, but I have great hopes that they’ll get a little older and I can keep them busy all the time instead – with chores! They are both sweet, hyper, and tough little guys – they are happiest flying through the air or narrowly missing poking out one eye or both with various objects. The local ER is starting to recognize us on sight, though my oldest (at the time of writing this) won’t turn three for another week.

Before kids, I went to school and received a B.A. in Media Communications as well as Spanish Language and Literature at a college in Minnesota, where I grew up. Really, I just wanted to have the degree with the longest name possible. I worked as promotions manager at the college radio station and DJ’ed for a couple years. I graduated just in time for the first job slump after 9-11, so I moved to coastal North Carolina and took a job teaching English as a Second Language to elementary schoolers. Those kids were so fun!

My husband’s job moved me to rural North East Ohio, which is not as cold as Minnesota, but it makes up for it with massive amounts of snow! We’re right on the edge of Amish country – the nearest settlement being just over a mile or so away, and there’s a different culture here – much more traditional and down-to-earth. I’ve learned a lot about conserving and homesteading just from the people around me! Really, being here has brought me back to many of the things I used to enjoy but that had fallen by the wayside – sewing, crafting, creating something beautiful from nearly nothing at all.

I’ve been sewing since I was very young – I’m not sure how young. I remember when I was seven, my mom bought me a small cross-stitch kit with small sweets on it and taught me how to cross-stitch, but she didn’t teach me to sew at that time, so I must have learned before then. When I was in my early teens, I started sewing patchwork quilt tops, though I don’t think I ever finished one before going on to the next cute design I had come up with using my mom’s Time Life quilting books. Around the same time, I was doing a lot of hand-sewing, making more quilt tops, blankets, and even hand-sewing a doll (which is incredibly ugly, by the way!)

I’ve never stopped sewing; when I was hugely pregnant with my first son and we didn’t have money for Christmas gifts, I took every last bit of my quilting fabric I’d been saving, some old sheets and old blankets, and sewed 5 quilts – three queen-sized and two twin-sized – for both sets of parents and both sets of siblings. Oh, and one, a surprise, for my husband (he thought I only had enough for four quilts!)

A few years ago, I went crazy learning new skills, but I guess I take to them easily enough! Crochet, knitting, soapmaking, all super-fun! Now all I seem to do is sew, crochet, knit, and make soap!

There! Now you know more about me than you want to!


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  1. I love your site. Keep it up !


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